Monday, January 11, 2010

here is a bit more on the 12 months of christmas!

here is a fast note on wrapping! I used to say watch for sales on paper after christmas and you can totally go that way my issue is I hate most paper - yes I have become a paper snob! I can't stand wrapping with that cheap paper that rips when you are trying to wrap and lets face it I am a crafty girl who makes a large amount of gifts so how do you give a beautiful hand made whatever wrapped like you let the preschool class have at it!! so here is my advice to you, buy good paper some of the schools sell paper that rocks and some of the department stores do also if you don't want to spend the money or you want to add some to your collection every year and need to fill in here is a littttttlllllleee secret- school supply stores sell the "butcher paper" that the teachers use on the walls and boards!! its sells buy the yard for not to much comes in lots of plain colors and is a nice thickness you can use it plain, one year all my gifts were wrapped in shinny black paper with huge red bows, or you can get out your stamps and stamp your own paper!! happy wrapping!!


  1. I just picked some Christmas wrap up yesterday for almost free, it was 80% off!!! I love the idea about using butcher paper! Where do you buy it?

  2. any educational supply store has it!

  3. What ever happened to the Stamped image Swap you were hosting on the Fiskateers message board? Do you enjoy taking other peoples hard work and money and running off with it and leaving them with nothing? I feel sorry for you if this is how you treat other people who put faith in you. Shame on you!!! People have tried to contact you as to what was going on with the swap. You apparently enjoy ignoring people and stealing from them.