Saturday, August 15, 2009

I know I know I suck!

I know I have not posted in forever and the pictures need changing and lets face it I am a bit of a bloggers nightmare! but summer has been super crazy busy! we just celebrated my sons 19th birthday (how did that happen!!??) and he spent 2 weeks traveling in Scotland and England with my sister they walked all of Hadrian's wall and had a BLAST I hope to get some pictures up soon but I am just learning how to do all that and I need the kids to come down from camp so they can help me! I can hardly believe they have been in camp for 9 weeks already! this summer has been crazyyyyy!
Anyway I have been DIEING to post about a bunch of challenges going on at Live Imagine Create!! I am a mod on this board so of course I stalk it! we are doing a month long group of challenges - no kidding there are 20 so there is tons to pick from you can do as many or as few as you want, there are some raks involved and a guest design member position!!! so please please please come out and play!! my goal is to do them all since I never get all of anything done! I would love to have you join in or if you are over your head in things to do just drop by see what is going on and cheer on my crazy effort to do all of the challenges! I am half way done on the 15th so I think that's good!! the link is
or you can click on the icon on the side of the blog!! have an amazing week! I will be on to report on the shop hop I am doing with my scrappy friend Susan she and I are having a blast we have been to 17 of 39 stores!