Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can you have to many scrappy supplies?

No really can you? I mean most of the time I would say not a chance never enough but right now I am cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and I just can't seem to find an end to all the supplies! when its all orginized I will try to post some pictures but right now I wouldn't want to show anyone! its crazy! and yet how do I part with them I am sure deep in my heart I will someday need that one piece of paper I bought in the early 90's, I bought it so I must need it!! then there are the new ones that come out and are total "have to have" supplies! ever heard of dew drops? I love them I have them in like EVERY color and I use them but how many can you use before they are in the pile with that paper from the 90's? so tell me whats your shopping habit and how many supplies do you have hanging around waiting for that perfect layout?? oh and how do you part with then when its time o just pass them on??


  1. you need to come up here to our event on 8/22, we're including a swap-a-palooza for people to swap out their surplus!! Free lodging for you at my place!!